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“Nature’s Splendor: Discovering the Beauty and Importance of the Natural World”

We are born into this world as a blessing of nature. Why do I say it? We have eyes to see the beauty of the world. We can hear what they murmur and we can express everything with words. We can feel everything also. We belong to nature and we are one creature of nature. Not only humans but also many creatures of nature are there. The wind, rain, sunshine, and many things also come along with a blessing. When they connect with mountains, waterfalls, rivers, seas, tree cover, and so on, it continuously creates wonderful moments. We inherently wish to live in those moments. It generates a number of blessed thoughts in our minds. We are all lying in the cradle of nature.


What an amazing moment she had. She is surrounded by a green background. If I were here, I would close my eyes for a while and listen to all the things happening outside. I’m sure that I could listen to the bulk of voices that are made by nature. She may also hear tiny birds’ songs and the sound of the breezy wind.  It seems that she is enjoying this rare moment well. Her nude feet tell how she touches nature vibes. It seems she drinks the world’s best cup of tea or coffee here.

photo credit: pexels


It seems that the poor orangutan is in a sad mood. Sometimes he is in a hopeful mode without no reason. A talented nature photographer has taken this click amazingly. This capture belongs to a kind of wildlife click. Many people can reach wildlife galleries through nature photography.

photo credit: pexels


Wow.. what an amazing click. We can see lightning and thunder when it rains or without rain. When we look at them, they disappear quickly. However, this capture shows how it really happens. Although thunder and lightning generate a horrible feeling, this click shows how they color up the world as a member of nature.

photo credit: pexels


What a picturesque landscape. A tank of blue water, green tree cover, and this huge mountain range offer an adorable feeling to those seeing this picture. If you wish to go there, you’ll get an immortal experience in your life. This place looks like a place in Enid Blyton’s story. This capture was taken as a real one by the photographer.

photo credit: pexels


What a wonderful color blend. The dark blue sky has white cloudy spots and a yellowish flower range is looking at it. The tree looks like a lead. The green grass enhances the scenic beauty of this picture. Nature is inherently colorful and marvelous. We see and enjoy it. But we couldn’t reach it every day. That is why people take and store them purposely for the future.

photo credit: pexels

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