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Artistic Vitality: Exploring the Lifelong Connection Between Art and Life

Art is a universal notion. Art can be visible everywhere. Someone could say that everything in the world belongs to art. Every flower, animal, bird, mountain and everything that belongs to nature has a hidden art. The Man is also an art of nature.

Let’s take a look at art made by humans. Some people are artistically inclined to music, dance, painting, and other artworks. Art can express an approach of human creative skill and imagination. These come from the emotional empowerment of humans. It brings joy and calm thoughts to others. Here I put forward to you a few captures of art that are made by man.


What do you see here on this pink-colored paper? I could see a pig here. Such wonderful art is this! Look at the talent of the artist here. He gave birth to an animal from a piece of paper. He could have been able to give an absolute look at this art. If the pig had two eyes, I could not have recognized whether it was a real one or not.

Photo credit: pexels


Sculpturing is also an admirable art. I have seen ancient sculptures. It has an amazing build outlook. I couldn’t guess how they built it. Sculpture artists have built them using clay or something like that. Its sharpness and finality are a wonder. Here you can see some sculptures. The artist of these three sculptures has given a sharp appearance. We couldn’t imagine how they do this work in a smooth way. A pulp of clay has given birth to wonderful art.

Photo credit: pexels


Wow.. what smart work. Some people who live in the universe tend to fancy artwork. I have seen many YouTube channels and online works regarding these kinds of fancy art. It colors up our minds. When we are looking at them, it feels like our minds also fill with happiness and joy. It seems the people in this picture are colouring eggs for their happy Easter.

Photo credit: pexels


Drawing is a kind of therapy for those who need it. It is also a smooth art. Some people love to draw with watercolors. Some people like to draw their art with crayons. However, both of them bring colors to the universe. Artists who are inclined to draw art have brilliant-minded consideration and the imaginary power to create wonderful outcomes. Here you can see a bunny in art. Look, how did he accomplish it in a great way?

Photo credit: pexels


A hand with hope. Although man and flowers are not the same, both of them are creatures of nature. The man who outstretches a hand is trying to ensure that he is also a part of nature and humans have a powerful relationship with nature. Flowers add beauty to the world. People decorate many things with flowers. If people get set on nature’s goals, this world will bloom like a big blue flower.

Photo credit: pexels

The arts give us hope without worries. It calms down our minds and makes a thrill. Please find your own art.

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