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Nature’s Splendor: Discovering the Beauty and Importance of the Natural World

We are born into this world as a blessing of nature. Why do I say it? We have eyes to see the beauty of the world. We can hear what they murmur, and we can express everything with words. We can feel everything also. We belong to nature, and we are one creature of nature. Not only humans but also many creatures of nature are there. The wind, rain, sunshine, and many things also come along with a blessing. When they connect with mountains, waterfalls, rivers, seas, tree cover, and so on, it continuously creates wonderful moments. We inherently wish to live in those moments. It generates a number of blessed thoughts in our minds. We are all lying in the cradle of nature.


What a picturesque click. These two raccoons have reddish-brown fur, and they are cute in appearance.  Here they are going to kiss or cuddle each. The pair of two eyes tell their hidden story of them. However, someone can guess this click is a goodbye moment. Because of the sad outlook in their eyes. I hope that this moment will be a wonderful beginning of their lives.

Photo credit: pexels


A doggy and girly high-five moment. Seems there is a true friendship between these two souls. At this moment they don’t care about what happens outside of this luxury apartment. It seems the doggy agreed with what she told and gave him a five. Look at the doggy’s mood; it is in a thrilling mode. It proves that they need the love and care of humans. 

Photo credit: pexels


What an adorable click. A cute husky is getting this couple’s warmth and cuddle. It seems the dog is enjoying the moment well. This little guy looks like a human baby. Two humans also give their true love to this pet. It seems these three are getting warmth from each even if it has icey weather.   

Photo credit: pexels


Two cats are sitting as a pair. A person is cuddling a cat. Cats are greedy for love and care. See how it reacts to it. It says every animal love to love. I firmly believe that love is a universal language. Although animals couldn’t share their thoughts through words, they express them through appearance. This click proves it. 

Photo credit: pexels


It seems two monkeys are spending their leisure time. These new world monkeys are cute. A monkey out of two is searching for another’s tail. The owner of this tail is looking at another, hopefully. Someone can guess these two monkeys as a couple. However, I see a lovely relationship between them. 

Photo credit: pexels

This world consists of many things. Not only physical things but also bonds, relationships, and other invisible things. Bonds and relationships are invisible, but they call and touch our hearts. Although everyone doesn’t ask for love and care, they expect it secretly. Even animals expect it. If you see a dog near a garbage bin, please take a look. Sometimes they may find food for their kids. If you have something to eat, please offer a piece. If you see kittens near the road, please take a look. They may need the help of a rescuer. If you couldn’t be a rescuer for them, please offer something as you can. 

We are able to offer love and care to others. Therefore we spread it together.

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