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Balancing a good relationship is not easy and not too hard… Please Check your availability..

Relationships make us happy and healthy. We face different types of relationships. It gives us smiles on our faces. When we have strengthened bonds, we feel convenience every time. It can be Family relationships, Friendships, Acquaintanceship, or Romantic relationships. Family and friends based relationships would not give us worries most times. They rarely happen but it adjusts with the time. We feel that we lost everything if a romantic relationship went away from us. Romance and love born in the bottom of our hearts. It touches us deeply every time. When we feel someone, we tend to do everything for them without considering all barriers and worries. When we running a relationship, we should
respect others’ thoughts and values. Every time we cannot match everything with us. Because we are representing two different family backgrounds. We have to face a gap between us. But we should try to balance it.

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You can see three things in common at All strong relationships. According to Meredith Hansen, (psychologist and relationship expert) trust, commitment and vulnerability. She said “Trust allows a couple to know that their partner is there for them, truly cares about them, is coming from a good place, and supports them,”

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Trust is an ideal factor of your bond. No matter you named it as the foundation of your relationship. If you broke it, your relationship will go away from your hand. Commitment is another factor. We should give our better contribution to another party. If they are in troublesome situations we should not isolate them. Let them know, we are with them. The next thing is we should try to take our bond smoothly. We should absorb all sufferings and worries together and smile together. Sharing everything is a plus point of your relationship. Do not keep horrible secrets with you. You should have more skills to maintain your bond. Such as empathy, communication, love, support, acceptance, shared interests, and a desire
for the two people involved to share their lives together and conflict management. Most of the time you will face struggles. Sometimes, arguments draw up to stalemate because neither partner is ready to listen to what the other is saying. But we should be a good listener when we maintain a relationship. Caring and bearing are other factors you need to smooth your platform.

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Most relationships are changing rapidly nowadays. The reasons behind every breakup can be one thing out of the above reasons. If think twice before taking some decision, it can succeed in our thoughts. Most outside parties influence you in some ways even your relationship. You have to take the correct decision at the correct time. Do see that wearing shades. You should think about it based on different ways. You will find the correct way. Discuss with together. If we hide our sufferings and things in front of him/her, you will never find a way to clear your mind.

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