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How many dreams did you see beyond the horizon? Did all become a reality or did you give up them?

We are born one day to this world. That is the day we saw this entire world from our eyes. We saw our parents and familiars there. At that time our world was tiny and cute. Day by day we gown up and our vision has expanded. We were able to see more things than we saw in the cradle. At that time we had no choices. We used to cry for everything. By the time we were two or three, we were able to talk in addition to crying. Then we used to speak first and cry next. That is how did we express our feelings and achieve them. Not only me and you but also every people in the world has been followed this pattern.

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When we convert to a child from infants, we amended this pattern. We had some ideas about the ability to achieve our feelings and dreams. We got an idea that we have feelings but every feeling cannot be a reality. I’ll tell you two different incidents that I faced in my childhood.

I was crying for the moon and stars. I wanted the moon on my hands and stars for my neck like a necklace. I cried. I didn’t get them. one day I realize that they cannot achieve. If I take them, how do they color full this world? How do people write poets and quotes based on the moon and stars? It cannot be a reality. I said goodbye to my thought that made in my heart in my childhood.

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I wanted a bicycle when was in grade 6. I was made dreams with my invisible bicycle. I saw I ride it. I request it from my parents. They had not a good economy at that time. I never thought to cry for it. My parents couldn’t buy it for me. they haven’t money. So I didn’t want it. I should never think about dreams that will never come true. It was me.

After we passed two or three decades of our lives. We have a proper idea about feelings, thoughts, and achievements. We know that every thought never becomes the reality. Even at this age, we cried for something but secretly. No one sees our tears. We hide them. However, we try to control ourselves. This is the era we face more troublesome situations in our lives. Therefore we have to bear it.

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When we pass five or six decades of our lives, our tolerance level is higher. No matter what kind of feelings and thoughts do we have? We can tolerate all. We have a proper image of our lives.
Worries and sufferings rotate here and there. We have both unique and common feelings. If we could not able to achieve them that rotating facts come around us. We should have the ability to ignore all. It is a very difficult task to balance our mind towards our feelings and sufferings.
From our childhood, our vision has been changed time to time. We met a lot of people when we are spending our lives. Our world has been expanded from our childhood. It is the nature. It is the pattern of this world. One day we realize it. All thoughts and opinions never become reality. But do not give up. Try to achieve them. If you couldn’t, try to next by ignoring what they lost.

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